Sell more and spend less on your operations

Tradexa offers a wide range of tools for Distributors to manage the distribution network efficiently, be focused on selling more, keep making informed decisions and reduce the cost of inventory holding, transactions and operations.

Wholesale Commerce
An eco-system for Distributors to thrive

An eco-system designed for distributors. Tradexa enables you to effortlessly keep your finger on the pulse of your business by integrating your sales channels, accounting services, warehouses, inventory movements and promotion & marketing strategies.

Simplified Distribution

Enhanced Trust

Higher Profits

Faster Growth

Speed-up Your Buying and Selling Cycle

Promote and introduce more products into the market easily by communicating easily with your dealers and retailers.

Run surveys and gather interest before introducing new products.

Use data and analytics to “personalize” promotions to get the most from each customer relationship and compel customers to connect with your network first and last.

What Tradexa Offers?

Streamlines the buyer experience

Omnichannel strategies

Simplifies catalog management

Fewer resources to manage



Take control of your Distribution network

Promote your Products​

Easily reach your existing customers as well as new customers to introduce new products or promote existing products.

New Revenue Growth​

Grow your revenue by upselling, cross selling and getting your customers engaged.

Attract new dealers​

Get ahead of your competitors by offering the ease of buying & selling, transparency and competitive pricing.

Make Informed Decisions

Actionable insights and detailed reporting to make informed decisions.

Ready to take
your Distribution Network to the next level?

We work together and we make an impact.